For each registered player, one 2 hour snack Bar shift is required to be completed to receive the refund of volunteer fees paid at registration. Other volunteer opportunities may be available to qualify for a refund of fee paid. Prior approval of the Executive Board is required.

NLL uses Sign Up Genius to provide sign ups for Snack Bar volunteer shifts. Volunteers should utilize the link provided on the NLL website to access these schedules and sign up for their volunteer hours. When working their shift, volunteers sign in at the snack shack to document their presence on a schedule located in a binder inside the Snack Bar. This must be done at the time of the shift. The snack bar Coordinator/staff will direct volunteers in tasks that need to be completed during and before the end of all shifts.

If the need arises to work snack shack shifts past the closing of the regular season, please contact  the Snack Bar Cordinator at [email protected] Please be courteous and give no less than 24 hours cancellation notice of any shift.

If an emergency arises, please cancel your shift on Sign Up Genius and send an email to [email protected]

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