To register and play in Norwalk Little League you must meet ONE of the Little League eligibility requirements.

Your child is eligible to play in Norwalk Little League if EITHER:

1) They attend any school within our boundary.


2) Live within our boundary.


3) Ask our player agent or President about a different waiver that might apply to you!!!!


Each Player will provide a copy of their Birth Certificate as well as 1 proof from each of the groups (Group A, Group B, Group C). 


All Proofs must be between Feb 1, 2019  and Jan 31, 2020.  All Proofs must have a parent name (matching birth certificate), address, and date from with timeline. If any of the items are questionable, you will be required to bring additional items from the group in question.

Group A 

1. CA Driver License-
issued by DMV with current address. No paper change of address will be accepted

2. School Records
Registration document from School District on Letterhead.

3.Vehicle Records-
Registration , lease, recall notice, etc. No Car repair bills

4. Employment Records-
Paycheck Stub or W-2 Form

5.Insurance Documents-
Medical Insurance, Car Insurance, Homeowners/Rental Insurance


1.Homeowner or Tenant Records-
Mortgage Statement, Escrow documents, building permits issued to homeowner.  Rental Agreement Contract on Company letter head.

2. Federal Records-
Federal Tax Return, Social Security Issued Document

3. State Records-
Property Tax Bill

4.Local municipal records-
Court Documents

5.Welfare/Child Care Records-
State issued documents from Welfare, Foster Care Giver document

6.Support Payment Records-
Issued by the Family Support Division

7.Military Records-
Military documents issued by the government

Group C

1.Utility or Communication Bill
Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer, Heating, waste, Mobile Phone, Cable, Internet, etc Document

Loan Document, Credit Card Statement, 401 K Statement, Checking Account Statement

3.Voter Registration-
Ballot mailed to the voter

4.Medical Records-
Disability document


If your player does not live within our boundary, but does go to school in the area, a School Waiver may be accepted in Lieu of the residency Proofs. You would have to have the principal or vice principal of your school sign off on Little League Waiver, as well as provide supporting documents from the Fall 2019 Semester Enrollment.

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