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Mar, 2024

Opening Day

Hello Norwalk Little League Families,

Well, we made it through! On one of the wettest, coldest, and windiest days in Norwalk Little League Opening Day history, we managed to still come together today as a community and kickoff our season!

I am so proud for the hundreds of you who still showed up and supported our players today. I know it was raining. I know it was windy. I know it was cold. But even through all that, all of those added elements made that much more memorable. 

What was also memorable was the first pitch thrown by our 4-year old Challenger Player to Councilman Rick Ramirez. What a wonderful moment. We will keep everyone apprised with what we are doing with Challenger League as the season progresses. 

Thank you to all of the players, families, board members, and city representatives who helped make our Opening Day one I'll cherish forever. 

Donovan Williams
Norwalk Little League

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